Simple Keycloak First Login Flow

Simple Identity Brokering First Login Flow

The post describes creation of Simple Identity Brokering First Login Flow.

What is First Login Flow?

The First Login Flow is a workflow that will be used after a user logins the first time to Keycloak from an external Identity Provider .

Keycloak provides the First Login Flow out of the box and it described here

The provided flow performs a lot of actions.

In fact, in most cases you need a simple First Login Flow that will only create a user after the login (if it does not exist).

Let’s create the flow.

Add the Flow

Open Keycloak admin page, open Authentication, open Flows tab and press on the New button.

Save the Flow

Provide the Simple Login Flow alias, ans Save.

Add the Execution

Press on the Add Execution button

Select Create User If Unique from the list

Configure the Execution

Select ALTERNATIVE Requirement

Enjoy Simple First Login Flow

You can use the flow for your Identity Provider