SameSite cookies - Everything You Need to Know

What will I cover in this post? Google Chrome recently released an update that began enforcing a new cookie policy. The new update affects the SameSite cookie attribute, making it Lax by default. This change will also be enforced by all other major browsers. In this post, I plan on: Describing the SameSite cookie attribute and its settings Explaining the new cookie policy and why it is important Providing some best practices Personally, from a security perspective, I think this is a great policy and that the new changes make the internet a much safer place.

Adding Secure HTTP Headers via Istio Envoy Filter

What will I cover in the post? You will see how to increase the security of your web application using Secure HTTP Headers. Secure HTTP Headers Secure HTTP Headers allow to increase the security of your web application in the very simple way. The recommended Secure HTTP Headers can be found at the OWASP site. Istio Bookinfo Demo application In my previous post I have described how to install the Istio Bookinfo Demo application.