OWASP Top 10 2021 - What's New

My presentation on OWASP IL Meetup and on the Application Security Meetup. OWASP Top 10 is the most successful OWASP Project It shows ten most critical web application security flaws. Read the presentation and you will learn each OWASP Top 10 category and recommendations on how to prevent it. Do not forget to The presentation:

Preventing OWASP A4 XML External Entities (XXE) in a better way

XML External Entities (XXE) is a dangerous vulnerability, currently ranked fourth (A4) in the OWASP Top Ten. Resolving this vulnerability should be a high priority for all Java developers. In this presentation, presented by Anat Mazar ( and Michael Furman ( on the OWASP meetup we will Demonstrate why XXE is so dangerous Show you how this vulnerability is typically resolved – in each and every place in the code that you parse an XML file Show you the better resolution – set a couple of system Java system properties once, and never worry about XXE again.