How to reset Two-Factor WebAuth

What will I cover in this post? In my previous post I have described Two-Factor Authentication with WebAuth. But what should you do when a user replaces WebAuthn device? In this post, we will learn how to reset WebAuthn for a specific user. In addition, we will see how to revert the WebAuthn configuration for all users. Reset WebAuthn for a specific user If a user replaces WebAuthn device he /she will not be able to login and will see the following error:

Two-Factor Authentication with Keycloak WebAuth

What will I cover in this post? We will learn how to configure Two-Factor Authentication with Keycloak WebAuth. In this post, I plan on: Explaining what is WebAuth Explaining how to configure WebAuth in Keycloak Do not forget to follow me on Twitter What is WebAuth? WebAuthn is the standard recommended by FIDO Alliance and W3C. WebAuthn defines a standard web API that gives users new methods to securely authenticate.